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Eat Diet Nutrition Bars to Maintain the Day’s Energy

Depending on your daily routine, you may be in need of supplemental nutrients. This is often the case with those undergoing workout or weight loss regimens. In addition, some people develop poor eating habits due to the convenience of eating ‘fast foods.’ Diet nutrition bars can serve as a delectable and healthy weight loss snack and as an alternative to […]

5 Tips to Connecting With Your Kids Through Nature Play

The first thing to do (before you’ve even left the house) is to make sure you’ve got the right gear. This means (in addition to the usual waterproof coats, warm jackets/jumpers, hats + gloves) – waterproof trousers or trousers that it doesn’t matter if they get muddy (for both of you). This is such an important part of the process, […]

How to Feel Loving and Capable

The EXPERIMENT: On each child in the 3rd grade class, Ann, the teacher, pinned a round, construction paper badge with the capital letters IALAC. IALAC is an acronym for “I Am Loving And Capable.” The kids’ discussion about IALAC considered how typical daily stuff, activities and interactions, could be better with that idea remembered at times of need. The kids […]