Self Defence Tips for Men – Survive on The Streets

It’s a sad fact that most men will face a violent situation at some time in our lives and being prepared with some self defence tips and knowledge is an essential lifeskill.

In this article I don’t propose to teach you how to throw a punch or deliver any fancy martial arts moves – I simply want to give you the self defence tips that you need for daily life. If you want to learn a martial art check out local classes in your area.

My first advice is never be afraid to walk away. Ego will get you into real trouble if you aren’t careful! As men there’s a social stigma to walking away but trust me that tactic may be the best in most situations. Unless you are an experienced martial artist or familiar with street self defence techniques the best course of action is usually to walk – or even run! – away.

When faced with an attack or invited to fight self preservation should be your thought not ‘losing face.’

Awareness is the key skill for self preservation on the streets. Don’t put yourself into situations you know may be a threat. Don’t go to the rough parts of town or places you don’t know! If you see or even sense trouble – for example in a bar – get out of there.

Sadly of course walking away may not always be possible. Alcohol and other drugs can have a dramatic impact on the way even reasonable people behave and you may not always be able to reason with people. There’s another good self defence tip here too. Even if you are trained in a martial art – for example aikido – it may have little impact on the person if they are fired up with drugs. Pain levels alter and people may not respond to locks and other martial arts techniques you may try.

So when you are in a situation where negotiation isn’t an option what should you do? Of course staying on the right side of the law is key but there’s an old saying “it is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.” If it comes to it and you have to fight my self defence tip is to gain the initiative. Aim to shock and surprise your attacker with a strike or blow. Don’t let them get too close as once they are in striking or grabbing distance it may be too late.

My final self defence tip is to learn some street self defence. This will give you practical techniques which are effective in dealing with real violence and prepare you for confrontations.

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